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Oct. 4th, 2010

its october, which means - time to fall in love again.
Things are going well. Derek and I are wonderful and couldn't be more happier. Work is going pretty well, I'm going to ask for a promotion soon once I see my supervisor. My friends are amazing and wonderful. There are old friends that are coming out of the woodwork and it's weird. Christmas is just around the corner believe it or not. Downloading tons of music - I'm going to jail for a long time. Watching tons of movies good movies. I'm going to pick up reading some more, and I've began to write in a journal that I'm keeping day by day of me and Derek's relationship. Maybe it'll last all the way through the actual journal - and maybe maybe journals after that. Thats about it.. nothing too new. Cute pictures that I guess I should post. Yeah let me go ahead and update those bad boys.

i'm a liveCollapse )
sometimes i question if i have any mental illnesses. i have been counting down the hours to see derek and he just text'd me saying he's staying to work an event and i just started to cry. its not like i haven't seen him, i saw him last night but i had a plan tonight. i had a plan to go out with him and most importantly just spend time with him. i can't get enough of him and it's so silly that i'm even crying.

today i realized

that i get really attached easily because i find the good qualities in someone and i only focus on them.
I went to see Chuck Ragan on the Revival Tour last Sunday. It was really good, I enjoyed Austin Lucas and Ben Nichols (of course). I really felt nostalgic while being there for a whole lotta reasons. The time I went to see Atreyu and the Social's roof caved in. Shortly after that I met Bubs. With the music I just remember falling asleep when I was younger to my pop-pop playing the mandolin and banjo. It was really comforting and relaxing that show.

Last night I saw Against Me! at the hob. There was a horrible band from England I believe and I just don't get anything British because people loved that music and I just thought to myself what a cluster fuck of music and words. After that it was Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and they were a lot better and then Against Me! played. I also like them so much better live then I do on their cds. After that went to eat at the Ale House - I don't understand why people enjoy that place. I mean I guess because they serve cheap booze but ehh that doesn't help me with food. :)

I'm going to enjoy my day off with some Avett Brothers and Eagles Football.

insert misfit lyrics here

from toot toot! to choooo choooo

last night we had a staff meeting and dallas talked about the summer and back to basic type things. at the end of the meeting all the leads had to say something and when i got done my speech he was like ashley ashley stand up you're still not done you have to tell them. i'm like tell them what, then it clicked. i had to tell all my little babies that i was leaving bluto's. i was getting a little teary eyed (yes i take my job way to seriously) and i'm sure other people got teary eyed as well but yeah it was kinda crappy.

i'll be heading over to the high in the sky suess trolley train ride. there's some challenges over there and that why i'm heading over there to fix them. i'm going over specifically for challenges. it's good to know that my supervisor has the faith in me that i can do that because believe me, i don't have any faith in myself.
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speaking of supervisor - dallas told me yesterday personally that he is proud of me, of everything that i have accomplished and he's also extremely sad to see me go because he knows that i've done so much not only for the team, but for the attraction and for him as well. i give my all when it comes to work. it's not where i want to be the rest of my life but for right now its my job and i don't know how to give 50% or 80% of something. so i'm becoming a sneetch.

who's your god now?

Rock the Universe. Those people are not 'christian' by any means. Today at work I had multiple complaints about horseplay in the queue not only about the kids but from the adults as well. We had to kick several people off the ride, plus, these people are rude as all hell. God hates you. Just because you wear a cross, listen to shitty christian music, and praise someone who is as real as the easter bunny and santa claus, doesn't make you a better person than me.

In the real world, you still have to obey rules of the attraction which is no standing up on the ride, no horseplay, and you have to wear your shirt and shoes. This is obviously for your safety. I could care less if you fall out of a moving ride vehicle, get sucked into our pumps, and hell even drown because you can't swim in 200,000 gallons of water a minute. But because I need my job and Universal has to have a good record when it comes to safety I have to install these rules at my attraction.

It's my 10 commandments along with the company's. deal with it.



the irony is that you totally suck

today is the stupid lead pool interview (again) after thinking about it. i really don't want to leave bluto's, i never hated it in the first place. but i really feel like i'm being forced to leave. its sad but i put so much investment into that attraction and the day that i do leave will feel like a pretty bad break up. i'm hoping to get catfish, we shall see. i'm really afraid that if i leave bluto's that place is going to fall apart. i'm the last leg that it's standing on and if i leave the whole thing is going to collapse and the team members are going to cause anarchy.

thank the lord its september, which means new shows on tv and the fall tv season begins. tomorrow night starts with america's next top model, sunday is true blood. pretty stoked on that. its the little things.

wednesday i'm suppose to hang out with some friends, i really need to make it to the bank early to get rent out and i'd love to get my eyebrows done but that i don't think is going to happen. i'm pretty excited about this actually, i'm pretty giddy.

i've been biking to work and i've noticed a difference in my strength as well as my agility. i've been eating better except last night i had some pizza, they were small pieces though.

i decided to buy myself something. i'm pretty excited. they are cigarette holders, but used for like I.D's and cards and such and they can even fit an ipod nano :) which i soon will have.

one is NWSCollapse )

as you can see nothing too exciting going on in my life.
friends, work, call of duty, bully, rita's, friends, work.

* i need to send money out for call of duty.

gift for meldody

And, I just want me life to be true
Yeah, and I just want me heart to be true
Yeah, and I just want my words to be true
I want my soul to feel brand brand new
Like a fresh coat of paint
We can make it anything but blue
Anything but blue